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Starting problems. RH 160 and RB 145.  When starting the dashboard lights stay on but no solenoid sound at back.
This could be several faults.
The safety solenoid fitted on the left wall of the electronics box can be faulty or there could be a fault in the alternator or the solenoid under the dashboard is faulty.
Disconnect the plug from safety solenoid connect multimeter black white stripe positive, black earth.
When you turn the key it should show current.
It turned out to be a fault in the safety solenoid. The circuit board
showed signs of severe overheating.
When it is a fault in the safety circuit just cutting the white red
stripe wire will fix this.
This means you can engage the starter motor while the motor is
running.   When the safety solenoid is faulty it might be possible
to buy a replacement from Hino. It is the same one as the one
fitted in the RB145. Any serial  number very close to the one you
have will do as they fitted solenoids  which look the same on the
outside with slightly different numbers.
I fitted a standard solenoid which works as well without the safety
features. The RB 145 has the same solenoid. SBSR p/n.28410.
at a cost of $220 plus GST.  July 2009

Springs RH 145 Lawrie Little had a bit of a concern with the front springs on his RH. 145
I have been to Carrolls Suspension Solutions 10 Industrial Ave Wacol Qld Ph: 3723 9504 and saw Jim Armstrong.
He recommended putting an extra leaf in the front springs to give more support to the existing springs.
He had had this done and it makes quite a difference to the ride and the bus no longer dips into corners and feels more stable overall.

More on RH145 swaying problems.
Stan Screwko of Springs and Blacksmithing in Cairns. He fixes the problem by adding one leaf to each spring and heavy duty shock absorbers. Stan can be contacted on 07 40512073. 1 Newell Str. Cairns. N.Q

More part No. for RH 160.
Airconditioning compressor: 10P30B0900
Receiver dryer: RDX240
Tie rod ends same as Hino truck FD 3H or FD3W. RH. 45402-2060
LH. 45430-2060
Airconditioner belts: X2: Bosch 11A1195
Power steer belts: X3: Dayco: 17530-13A1345
A lot of parts are the same as Hino FD3H or FD3W trucks.

More RH 145 swaying.
Mal and Narelle Brand had trouble with the
bus swaying. They replaced the front springs with 5 leaves. Mal believes that they are Mitsubishi Canter ones and that made a big improvement to the sway - about 50%.

However, it was still not really good, so had the rear done as well with 7 leaves. That improved it about 20% more. It sways a little when it hit a depression, but does not continue to sway like before.

That is understandable as there has been a fair bit of weight added up high. I am yet to give it a really good trial run on some "woopy" roads. The ride is still good. Cost around $2000

Losing air pressure RH 160 I lost air pressure within a few hours. In my case the solution was to overhaul the safety valve. It is situated just above the drain valve on the air tank closest to the left rear wheel. It comes apart easily and a small rubber washer did not seal properly. I made a new one. Because it is a safety valve it has to be opening up at 7.5 Kg/CM This should be your normal operating cut off point. When assembled turn the adjusting screw outward till it just starts to leak. Tighten locknut. Instead of a few hours now it takes a few weeks to go down. Bit this could be a tricky one to find if you can’t hear the air escape

Fans not operating.
I had this problem. Disconnected every joint I could find and squirted some CRC in it. This solved the problem. The manual says to check the fuses but could not find them. Now I know. In my case they were OK. They sit in the electronics box and when overloaded disconnect.
All you have to do push a pin through the hole and it will make contact again. The problem is that the fans are controlled by a computer. If the intercooler fan does not work the other fans won't operate. The computer is located at the top of the electronics box.
See the modification page for a manual switch conversion

Fuel cut off problems.

A few people contacted me with the problem that the motor would keep on running after the ignition was cut.
Most likely the fuel cut off solenoid not operating.
The solenoid on the 160 is on the right hand side of the motor inside a metal box which is fixed to the wall.
Accessible through the right rear door at the top.
For 145 owners follow the cable from the fuel cut off lever.
Turn the ignition key and have someone check if the lever moves smoothly. If it does it might not travel far enough.
There is an adjustment near the cut off lever.
If nothing moves the problem could be in the three pin connector. Check that the blue cable with white stripe has power.
If it does unscrew the side of the box and remove and test the solenoid.


                                                 Rear air springs for RH 160
Originals are difficult to obtain and the price I was quoted was $2000 each. After a lot of emails I tracked someone down who had replaced the rear air springs and still had the docket with the part number on it.  In 2022 the air springs came strait of the shelf and were $180 each. He also had the instructions which came with the air springs, see photo. I was a bit hesitant to do this myself but when you are a bit handy and have sturdy chassis stands it is not to difficult to do.

The Fabio 449121-C is the equivalent of the Toyo AB0093 . I removed the left air tank and just disconnected the right one. I had difficulties disconnecting the air pipes because the fittings were fused.

this cost me extra. 20mm bottom 22mm top fitting. I also made a template for the bottom holes otherwise it is difficult to know where to drill the holes. For the top I used the existing hole for the air line and had to drill one for the bolt. For the bottom I could only drill two holes because the other holes would be on top of the cross beam. To fit the air spring which is a tight squeeze compress the bag and plug the air intake. With a bit of luck it fits first time. Bolt everything in place. If you got the air line out intact reuse otherwise you have to get two made up. I did not have to adjust the ride levellers.

                                            Before                                                               After

Air spring Fabio 449121-C or equivalent: $358.   Two air hoses: $310   
Four high tensile bolts: $7   September 2022

                                                Front air springs

After just having replaced the rear air springs the front one developed a leak. Even the airbag man could be of no assistance. I found an airbag on eBay that resembled the specifications required. To remove the old ones is straight forward. To access the supply tube access to the tank is nearly impossible unless you remove the tank. After consultation with a hydraulic firm I decided to cut the copper pipe and brace a fitting on where a hose could be screwed on to.  
I have only a LPG torch but this was sufficient to silver solder. I had two hoses made up.
The air bag holes did not line up with the existing one. I used the large hole and had to drill two holes in the top plate. This air bag has only one hole in the middle of the bag. Therefore I had to cut the supporting bracket. To fit the airspring is possible by anyone who has a few tools and the inclination to do the job themselves. I can’t give you a part number for the air springs but there are several on eBay selling them. Check out the specs because some of them do not rise to the required height.
Cost of air springs $200  Two hoses $125 Miscellaneous $20.

RH 160 Engine mounts.
Both my engine mounts were half broken. I had difficulties finding replacements as you do with the 160. Mounts which looked the same on the internet picture would have cost me $175 each with no guarantee that they would be the same. I found mounts for the Toyota 2H motor which did not looked the same but fitted perfectly for $60 for the pair.
Mode:l: Mackay A2509