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Bottom of page how to register in Victoria.

                                            Edward Higgs"s conversion on a RB 145

Brian and Jan fitted out their RB 145 and by the look of it they did a fantastic job.

Albert and Susan's bus August 2007.

Floor in, chairs and seatbelts in and registered. All in 3 month.              A few years later

Does somebody else has a few good photo's of work done?

                                            Registration in Victoria

When you spend a fair bit of time on the road and you are registered in Qld or NSW you can save yourself some money and a lot of hassle by being registered in Victoria. When you are over 4.5 ton you do need a roadworthy every year which can be pain in the neck when you are not in your home state.
You can only register in Victoria when you are in the state. Make an appointment with Vic Roads. Tell them that you live on the road permanently. They will give you a form. There is one sentence which asks where you live and you have to have a current receipt from a caravan park. There is also a sentence where you want the bill send which can be any address you like. It usually takes a few days before they can see you and they will also tell you what you need, like the measurements of your motorhome. When it is registered you do not need a roadworthy. If it is currently unregistered you do not need a roadworthy.

Good luck.