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On this page: Part suppliers parts numbers. Starting problems fix. Springs RB 145. Losing air pressure RH 160.
Fans not operating, position of fuses. Fuel cut off problems.  RH Part Numbers.



Ken Allen can help you with part numbers and has an import contact. No part numbers on the website, you will have to contact Ken.
A full parts manual is now available for the RH-160a
For parts identification and / or ordering from Japan contact Ken Allen on 07-56792828 mobile 0428 502501. E-mail address:


Windscreens  Hino Rh160 L/H and R/H  - $680 inc GST (Pick up, Brisbane) Shipping extra.
Price is per side.      Supply and fit - $855 inc GST

Specialised Autoglass
M: 0433 775 289
F: 07 3102 6134

He Knows Truck Parts: 3/43 Selhurst Str. Coopers Plains 4108. Ph. 07-33445771

Truck Stops NZ Ltd.: Ph. 0011-643-3499133 You do need a New Zealand purchasing address.

Scyfleet: Brisbane. Ph: 07-372222822 Talk to spare parts manager Bob. Waterpump part No: 16100-2870 $532.65

Moore Truck Parts Brendale, Brisbane Ph.07-3881200 carry the range of taillights, indicator lights etc. for the RB-145 model
which are the same as the RH-160A model.

Spare parts in Qld
Hino Multi Spares" 07 3277 8833 & 131615 and Don Kyatt Spare Parts 07 3277 5966.
Melbourne. 03 9931 6565. In Adelaide 08 8243 8189.


Stoneguard. Hy-Way Sunvisers. 30/32 Adderley Street East. Lidcombe. NSW 2141 Tel: (02) 9748 0660
Ask for the Hino Rainbow RB145 or RH 160
I paid $440. But this was on short notice and fitted. April 2010  

Advice on brake related matters.
Bob and Di Parker from Brakehose are willing to give advice on Hino related brake problems.

Clutch replacement RH 160: The clutch of the 145 is different from the 160.
Basically the same fitting but a larger diameter.
The one to fit is the Exedy HNK-6750 clutch kit. You will find that the throw out bearing won't fit. In my case they machined the cradle otherwise get one that fit.  Retail price $1050  in 2015
Same clutch as in  
HINO  AK176  BD186   FC3W 1992 - 1996    FD3H 1991 - 1996   FD3W 1991 - 1996

FF17K 1982 - 1986    FT3W 1991 - 1996     GD3H 1991 - 1996

XREF:     ISK6284, ISK-6284, HNK-6750   A cheaper version is sold by Sydney Truck parts for $565  in 2015   Or check out Brets Truck parts $340 in 2015

Peter Dawber had a good experience with Mayne Spring Works 147 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills Brisbane        07 3852 1384 contact Les. Did an excellent job supplying and fitting new 5 leaf front springs to RB145 for about $750

Instant Windscreens corner Moss Street and Kingston Road Slacks Creek south of Brisbane 07 3209 4577 contact Tony quote $768 for RB145 windscreen fitted.   


Front sway arm bushes for RH 160. Brand Exxel No: 10605.001 $96 in 2012 for four bushes.  


Alternator for RH160.  



Shock absorbers. Shock absorbers. www.wwshockabsorbers.com.au

WW Shock absorbers Pty. Ltd.      33 Matheson Str.       Virginia. Qld. 4014          Ph: 07 3265 2133
I had my front shock absorbers reconditioned here in 2019 for $550. I found out later the front ones are available new. Your best option is to contact Powerdown. They were very professional when I delt with them.

Rear shock absorbers is a different story. After a lot of emails WW Shockabsorbers is your only option in Australia. As far as I found out they buy a new shockabsorber Sachs made in Germany and modify the fittings to suit the RH160. I paid $750 in 2020. You get new top rubbers. All they use from your old one is the bottom ring.

When I got the front fitted I did not notice any difference. For the rear I drove from Townsville to brisbane with no shock absorbers and I had a good ride . After the new rear ones were fitted it defenitely stiffened up the ride. Sharp bumps actially uncomfortable. But now I have done a few KMs on wobbely road the drive is good.

Part numbers for Hino RH160 Bus.

Engine parts

Piston Liner                    L16188DGA       Supplier- Japanese Trucks Australia Perth

Rings                             PR6020             Supplier JTA  Perth

Main Bearing Set            M133K-std        Supplier JTA   Perth

Big End Bearing Set        R133K-std         Supplier JTA  Perth

Thrust washer Set         T133K-std          Supplier JTA  Perth

Head Gasket Kit             23AFA0860       Supplier JTA  Perth                             

Piston                            S130B-EOL21     Supplier JTA  Perth

Crank case vent hose      SZ920-36045    Supplier JTA  Perth

Oil pressure relief valve  S156021091       Supplier Sci-Fleet

Universal joint                1K0105               Supplier   Don Kyatt

Bush for panhard rod on rear suspension x4    SZ940-87032  He Knows truck spares

Steering drag link off FD truck     S4544-05482     He Knows truck spares

Wheel trims. Ross Robertson has sourced some Universal wheel Trims / Simulators that will fit imported Hinos. Watt Wheels on internet or contact Steve Watt , Virginia Qld 07 38655800. They have a vast catologue with resellers in all states, stainless steel wheel covers for my CH160 list price $745.00 but trade price from Whitehorse Trucks Melb Vic $480.00 +GST. Correct on 1.4.2011